Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing

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Late March Okeechobee Fishing Report

Captain Tom Mann reports that the Lake level is 12.74 and falling. Most all fish are moving to the outside of Lake Okeechobee with the water falling and the water temps rising. Numbers have been good this week with a few good fish. South outside long point is a good area for fishing. Pepper grass early white swimjig. Shad spawn is about to happen and that means the early bite will be good. Shoal has been good this week for small fish on the outside. North shore remains good but is getting the most pressure. Live bait is still best for the big fish.

2017-03-08 15:17:49

March Fishing Report

Pelican Bay has produced numbers of Lake Okeechobee fish in the 1-3 pound range. Mostly male fish that are either guarding a bed or fry. We are in the period of pre and post spawn as well as spawning so moving baits such as Big EZ or Swim Jigs have worked well. Color seems to be white or shad colors along with Copperfield. Inside Buzzards Roost the holes and pockets around lily pads have fish hanging around them more in the afternoon when the sun gets up. Dead stick a Watermelon Red Zoom Super Fluke or a Gambler Fat Ace in Watermelon Red or Junebug. The Lake Okeechobee Crappie fish are still biting around the Hog Pen and along the Rim Canal south toward Bear Beach Channel. Use Minnows around the cattails in 2-3′ of water . In the rim canal fish in 4-6’range. Good luck and stay safe.

2017-02-20 21:09:24

February Fishing Report

Last week has been full of fun and excitement. The Uncle Joe’s area of the lake has produced good numbers of bass ranging 1-3 pounds. Gambler Fat Ace in Black/Blue Flake or Junebug or a Gambler Burner Worm in those same colors seem to be the bait of choice. For the flippers and pitchers a Gambler Why Not in Black /Blue / Blue Tip has worked as well. Other areas to look at have been from Cochrans Pass and Blue Hole toward Clewiston. Early in the morning look for eel grass or pepper grass and use a 3/8 swim jig in white or black/blue color with a easy swimmer trailer. This time of year you can never count out a big fish to be roaming around looking for shad or shiners early in the mornings. The Speck bite or Crappie bite has been great as well. Minnows or Chartruse/Whits Jigs around cattail clumps have been the way to catch limits of slabs. East Wall and toward the outside of Ritta Island seem to be the better bets right now. The rim canal has also produced good numbers of crappie when the wind is blowing. Its protected for the most part and you can still catch fish using minnows in 4-6′ of water around lily pads. Hope this helps and Tight Lines.

2017-02-14 21:10:15

Lake Okeechobee Trophy Bass Fishing

Roland Martin Trophy Bass Guided FishingWanting a Trophy Bass? Now is the time of the year. Fishing has been excellent especially with Live Bait (wild shiners). Last few weeks have been producing quality bass and many qualifying for Florida’s Trophy Catch program like Lori from Texas with her personal best of 9.10lbs.

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