Late May – Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report

The last week has proved that Lake Okeechobee fishing is alive and well. Several bass tournaments over the past weekend where multiple 5 fish limits each day that weighed in at over 20 pounds. With the lake fishing as well as it is right now there are multiple areas that have produced great numbers of fish. The Observation Shoal area produced very well flipping and pitching the outside grass and Buggy Whips. 15-20 fish in the 1-4 pound range are not uncommon pitching 1/2 oz tungsten weights , 4/0 Owner Rigging Hooks and a Gambler Why Not in Junebug , Backatya or Green Pumpkin color. At the Cochrans Pass area the same technique works well. Early Mornings around Grassy and further toward Kramer Island in the outside grasses a 3/8 White Swim Jig with a White Lightning EZ Swimmer work well fished over the tops of the Kissimmee Grass and Pepper Grass Patches. That bite lasts about 1-1.5 hours then come right back through the same area with the pitching or flipping technique. The Bluegill bite is in full swing swing. Offshore away from the grasses around Ritta and Kramer Islands there are areas of visible beds where the bluegill are spawning. Use crickets and Red worms under a cork in about 2ft of water. Also around the mouth of Uncle Joes cut and Mayaka Cut great numbers of blugill are being taken. Be safe with the low water conditions. As your running around be aware of your surroundings and water depth. Tight lines.