Things to Do In and Around Clewiston, FL

Tours & Outdoor Activities

Southern Florida offers many things to do, and there are many adventures in the outdoors. From hunting, skydiving, and playing a round of golf, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Here are some of the top attractions near Clewiston, FL.

Swamp Safari

You don’t have to go to Africa to go on a safari—Billie Swamp Safari is right in Florida. Go on an award-winning swamp buggy tour and be surrounded by Florida’s nature. You’ll learn about the fragile ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades, see local flora and fauna, and bounce your way through the lush wilderness. Otters, alligators, and turtles are animals you’ll see in their wild habitats, and you can experience a snake and critter show, too.

Roland Martin Marina Bass Fishing

Airboat Tours

Also near Clewiston, top rated Lake Okeechobee Big O Airboat Tours will educate you about the history of Lake Okeechobee on a scenic ride. Lake Okeechobee is very wide— it touches five counties—but it’s not that deep, which is why an airboat tour is the best way to navigate this body of water.

Hunting & Shooting

While visiting Black Boar Ranch, this private hunting estate has turned into a place where guests can try skeet shooting, fishing, and archery. Not only an outdoor experience location, this is also a place to stay in their lodging with first class facilities, , and a game room, pistol shooting, and an archery range. You can also enjoy catered meals, plus evening drinks and hors d’oeuvres around the fire pit.


Clewiston has an 18-hole golf course that professional golfers tried their hand at in the 1930’s but turned public, and now everyone can use it. After a round of golf, enjoy the restaurants and lodging at the nearby Roland Martin’s Marina. Also a favorite place for many fishermen, you can enjoy bass fishing on nearby Lake Okeechobee.


Another option for a Florida Safari is Everglades Adventures. With alligator, wild boar, and whitetail deer hunting, Everglades Adventures has been in South Florida for over 25 years; the owner is a native of south Florida and has been a professional guide since 1986. This wildlife program is managed year round, plus on- and off-site lodging options are available.

Hang Gliding

Florida Ridge Airsports Park offers a chance to view all of the landscape below you by flying through the sky on a hang glider. Towed up into the sky by an ultra-light airplane, you and you guide are released on your tandem hang glider, drifting down to the scenery below you. The unrestricted air space is located over 50 acres of land, halfway between Fort Myers and West Palm Beach.


Ever been skydiving? One of the biggest skydiving training centers, Skydive Spaceland Florida is close to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Naples, so you’ll get to try it while you stay in one of those cities. Run in a third-generation family business, this skydive spot has been offering safe and fun skydiving opportunities for more than 15 years. Love skydiving and want to know more about it? There’s the Skydiver Training Program for those living near the center.


To enjoy nature near Clewiston, visit Civic Park. These 4.14 acres have walkways, picnic tables, and a gazebo that allows you to enjoy the birds and landscaped grounds around you. Located near Clewiston Inn, this park has swings along the walkways, so it’s a perfect place to relax and appreciate the views around you.

Native American Culture

A Native American reservation, called Big Cypress Reservation, is available to both the Seminole and non-Seminole communities. Due to early government policy, the citizenship of American Indians in the eastern U.S. was under debate, and America was willing to start warfare in Florida (who until 1821 was controlled by Spain) to acquire the land. Then, in 1934, Congress passed the Indian Recognition Act, where the tribe was able to finally act like American citizens and vote.


There’s the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum located on the reservation, and display’s tools and artifacts from the Seminole tribe. In the Seminole language, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki means a place to learn, and remember. You’ll learn about the Seminole Tribe, and their culture and history in the Southeast and Florida. A boardwalk, mosaics and illustrations, and a gallery of beadwork are all present in this museum.

Originally the home of The Clewiston News, the Clewiston Museum was reconstructed in 1928, and this museum now presents the heritage of Hendry County. The museum displays artifacts, photographs, and stories from the history of Clewiston. Their upcoming schedule has many speakers, presentations, and an event that features the work of local and regional artists.

While visiting Roland Martin’s Marina and taking one of our guided bass fishing tours, you can also learn about the local tribes, go on a safari, and take a boat tour which are all unique ways to explore Clewiston, Florida. Plus, the climate and weather in Florida make visiting the state enjoyable. Visiting any of these landmarks, parks, and doing any of these activities will immerse you in the history of southern Florida.